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The majority of children in elementary school today will end up in jobs that don’t yet exist. We’re here to teach young leaders the skills they need for our collective future. Beyond coding and memorization, our content focuses on core skills and interpersonal intelligence that your child needs to thrive in the world to come.

Mindfulness Art Videos

8 classes | 31 min | Ages 4 - 7

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Emotional Intelligence Kids Class

8 classes | 48 min | Ages 4 - 7

Emotional Intelligence
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Design Thinking Classes for Kids

6 classes | 30 min | Ages 4 - 7

Design Thinking
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Our Teachers

Mindfulness Art Teacher

Ms. Olivia

Olivia is an experienced Mindfulness Art and early childhood educator, with a graduate degree in Psychology in Education at Columbia University.

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Emotional Intelligence Class Teacher

Ms. Sarah

Sarah is a certified classroom teacher from Columbia University, who focused on social emotional development and creative writing.

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Design Thinking Teacher

Ms. Jessica

Jessica is a passionate and experienced classroom teacher from Stanford University and an adjunct professor at NYU.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dearest Academy?

Dearest Academy is a virtual education platform that makes it possible for children ages 4 to 7 to access progressive, engaging classes taught by the best teachers in the world.

Our series of project-based classes focus on future-ready skills, including STEM & Innovation, Design Thinking, Mindfulness Art, Interpersonal Intelligence and more. New content added monthly.

What's included in the course?

Families can purchase each course taught by highly vetted teachers who specialize in future-ready subjects.

Each course comes with 6 to 8 on-demand classes, projects, and printouts. Once students have completed every project in the course, they can email photos of their projects to to unlock a prize! The prize options are shown on each course page.

How much does the course cost?

The price for each course is between $29 - $49 and is indicated on each course page. Once purchased, students have an unlimited access to the course for 24 months.

For less than the cost of one tutoring session, your child will have access to engaging, pre-recorded sessions taught by real teachers, worksheets designed to support student learning, and an option to claim a prize at the end of each course.

Are these teachers available for 1:1 private teaching?

Many Dearest Academy teachers are available for online tutoring sessions on Dearest's 1:1 online teachers platform.

Private instruction starts at just $35!